7 days yoga, meditation spa relaxing retreat

Seven Days to Rejuvinate. At Nepal Yoga Retreat we have designed an impeccable 7 day rejuvination plan for you to reexperience your self and feel liberated. We understand the busy lifestyle you lead and the hard work you put in everyday. You don't find time for you and your pleasures, which disturbs your inner peace. So we invite you to come join us in our 7 day retreat that will allow you a lifestyle of serenity, a new perspective, tourism and fresh perspective to take back.

Your tired muscles will be massaged with the energizing hands of our traditionally trained Ayurvedic Masseuse.  We’ll then guide you through our purpose designed yoga sessions that will help you release the strees and tension you have stored in your muscles as you open your lungs and rejuvenate your circulatory system. Going further, our Ayurvedic Spa will further push the toxins out of your body and release the negative energy, making you feel anew. 

With your fresh mind and body we plan to take you sightseeing in the Khatmandu Valley. From the gorgeous sunrise at Nagarkot to enrich your soul, to the Changu Narayan, where the oldest temple of Nepal sits and is a mark of religious tolerance in the country.

It is our top priority to take care of your mind body and soul and we hope to make you see the best within you and the one who radiates postive energy.