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Testimonials about Nepal Yoga Retreat center - near Bhaktapur Nepal 

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Life changing! I stayed on a retreat for just under three weeks, I loved it! The location is beautiful and feels quite remote but you are only 30 minutes drive from Bhaktapur. The staff are amazing, so friendly and helpful. Aside from the daily yoga classes (which were great, regardless of your experience), I also joined in on a few on the classes with the students doing yoga teacher training. It is so relaxed, you can do as little or as much as you like. There are some lovely walks, and two temples close by which are well worth a visit. The food is all vegetarian and really tasty, it all comes from an organic farm just down the lane. I can't recommend it highly enough! Stayed March 2016

Similarly many people from around the world have stayed and enjoyed our facilities at our Nepal Yoga Retreat,  many of our clients, who have stayed with us, have left good reviews about our center, and we strive to maintain customer satisfaction.

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Journalists have visited our retreat as well as Dr. Jan L. Beaderstadt, an American guide-book writer and consultant, he even wrote an article about Nepal Yoga Retreat Center, with its organic food, its Yoga Guru and its comfortable accomodation.

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Yoga by the Forest of Wealth

By Dr. Jan L. Beaderstadt

            "Did you see the leopard?" asked an excited employee of the Nepal Yoga Retreat and Spa Centre.

            "No," I replied. I had just made the trip back up from the Panchamahalaxmi Dham, the beautiful temple to the goddess Laxmi in the valley below. It was dark and we were just getting back to the Retreat Center.

            "He walked right up the path," continued the employee. "He stopped at the door of the dining hall, sniffed as he looked in and then continued on his way."

            Rajan Simkhada, the president of Nepal Yoga Retreat and Spa Centre invited me to spend the night there. He wanted my impression of his latest venture, the creation of a up-scale Yoga Centre here on the edge of the Kathmandu Valley.            Well, I wasn't surprised that the leopard didn't stay for dinner. The Yoga Retreat Centre only serves healthy, tasty vegetarian dishes. I have yet to meet a member of the cat family that was a vegetarian.

            And on the edge of the valley it is. The resort is nestled on the hillside overlooking the Sankhu Valley between Nagarkot and Bhaktipur. It is his second such center, but this one is more back to nature nestled on the edge of the Shree Ban Forest.

The name "Shree Ban" means forest of wealth or money. It is a dense forest jungle that clings to the side of the high hill that descends down to the valley below. This is a beautiful area, with a stream cutting a gorge between the hills. A village of Chhaling is

across the valley, nestled on the opposite hillside which stands magnificently overlooking the rice paddies of the fields below.

            We turn off the road to Nagarkot onto a gravel road that leads to the valley floor. Today the road is under construction as it is being improved. It will still be gravel, but will be wider as it snakes its way down the hillside.

            The jungle is obviously home to many animals, including the leopard who decided he wasn't in the mood to be twisted up like a pretzel. I guess he was the loser, because yoga and the health foods served here offer some great rewards.

            The Nepal Yoga Retreat and Spa Centre is constructed of native bamboo on outside. Tastefully done, the eight rooms sleep up to 16 people in total comfort. The only sounds you hear at night is the sounds of the birds as a star-decked canopy of the heavens fills the skies above you. The lights of the villages in the valley twinkle in total serenity.

            The dining hall is octagon in shape, and sits on a promontory overlooking the valley. Inside is a professional kitchen serving heathy, hygienic foods.

Modern and luxurious, the Centre is decorated with beautiful native bamboo that helps it to blend into the Shree Ban forest. Inside the rooms contain modern bathrooms with hot water as well as comfortable beds.

            Food is always close to my heart, and I'm a meatatarian. I totally confess no desire to be a vegetarian. However, the chefs here work hard to make the food quite tasty, actually giving a confirmed carnivore like myself a new opinion of the vegetarian diet (note: I did not make the conversion.)

            The Yoga center is down at the Panchamahalaxmi Dham temple which is a magnificent, newly constructed temple in the valley. It is dedicated to the goddess Laxmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth. The temple draws its name from the Shree Ban forest.

            What makes this temple different is that it is the only Hindu temple in the world dedicated to all five manifestations of Laxmi. This includes:


\ Bhoga Laxmi – Have to spend

\ Shree Laxmi – Income

\ Moksha Laxmi – Salvation

\ Sampal Laxmi – Never be poor again

\ Maha Laxmi – Supreme


The Nepal Yoga Retreat & Spa Centre is under the guidance and direction of Dr. Chintamani Gautam, who is the only Ph.D. in Yoga in all of Nepal. He is program director of the Centre, who has a soft-spoken meditative voice that is soothing to listen to.

            Our first night there was being able to participate in a puja or worship service to Laxmi. The temple itself is very large. Construction began about five years ago, funded by wealthy Nepalis in tribute to the goddess of money. The black idols of Laxmi attests to a south Indian influence of Hinduism.

            The upper floor, reached by a beautiful winding staircase that ends between two Corinthian columns is the hall for puja. The lower level is where the yoga takes place.

            Yoga finds its origins in Hinduism, but as Rajan points out, it is not necessarily Hindu. Indeed, visitors of all faiths can come and learn yoga as well as not participate in any Hindu pujas.

Panchamahalaxmi Dham Temple to Laxmi

            Yoga is more an exercise in controlled breathing as well as muscle toning. I was a bit skeptical at first, because I'm not in the best of shape and have an artificial knee. While I trek, I was concerned that the "pretzel master" would tie me up in some shape that I couldn't get out of without surgery.

            I was pleasantly mistaken. Dr. Gautam works with all people within their limitations. The others there proved to be just as out of shape as me. Amazingly, most of the people were half my age, so I didn't feel so bad when I couldn't do all of the positions.

Trail through Shree Ban Forest

            Yoga offers great relaxation techniques. It is mind over the body. It tones the body, allowing total control over your physical and emotional condition. Dr. Gautam demonstrated professional care and a spirit of kindness with all people that were there. No one was made to feel like a fool, but instead we all found ourselves willing to try to go the extra mile. His personality is such that you feel encouraged as well as energized.

            That night I slept well in the comfortable beds. The rooms are painted white with dark brown trim. There is no TV; and you really don't look for one. The serenity of the mountains brings a wonderful sense of peace.

            We wake up at 5 am to the sounds of chanting in the valley below. We rise, but there is nothing but water to drink. Tea and breakfast would come later after yoga.

            We descend down the road to Panchamahalaxmi Dham. Last night we went down by the trail which leads through the Shree Ban forest. Today we take a more direct route to where we will spend about 1 ½ hours in yoga.

            The return trip is to climb the steep trail through the jungle, where we pass one of the largest bells in Nepal. This bronze bell weighs 3500 kg. It was given to the temple by one follower of Laxmi at a cost of Rs 70,000,000. Its final resting place has not been constructed, so it hangs on a temporary tripod.

            We pass a meditation cave, where you can go about 200 meters inside to meditate. It was time for breakfast, so I didn't go into the cave. Maybe on my next trip here.

            "Did you smell the leopard?" asked the same employee the next morning. I said that I hadn't noticed anything but the beautiful wildflowers that we passed on the trail. "He's out there," he replied. I have no doubt about that. That's one rich cat there in the Shree Ban forest.



 Yoga by the Forest of Wealth


By Dr. Jan L. Beaderstadt - USA